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Thurs, October 11, 2018: Seattle Lit Crawl with PIE & WHISKEY

Saturday, October 13: Rebecca Brown book launch with readings by Rebecca and Stacey; music by Lori Goldston, Pistil Books, Union St., Seattle

October 17, 2018: WordsWest Lit Series, with Anca Szilagyi, C & P Coffee, West Seattle

June 27, 2017: Stacey Levine, Sam Ligon, Robert Lopez at Elliott Bay Books, Seattle

October 22, 2016: Artist Trust 30th Birthday bash featuring Lori Goldston, Stacey Levine, Anca Szilagyi, Elissa Washuta, Seattle

June 2016: Lydia Millet and Stacey Levine, Elliott Bay Books, Seattle

June 2015: with Michael Friedman, Hedreen Gallery, Seattle

March 2015: Seattle Fiction Federation, Richard Hugo House, Seattle

January 2015:  Miranda Mellis, Stacey Levine, and Steven Hendricks, Elliott Bay Books, Seattle.

October 2014: Reed College, Portland, OR – Featured Reader

June 2014: Lit Hop PDX Branch Whiskey, Portland, OR

February 2014: Animals and Anecdoates, AWP offsite reading about nonhumans with Amina Cain, Jennifer Calkins, Stacey Levine, Doug Nufer.. Blindfold Gallery, Seattle.

February 2014: Starcherone Books AWP offsite reading, Dawn Raffel, Alissa Nutting, Stacey Levine, Ted Pelton, Cris Mazza, Seattle

June 2013: Juniper Institute/UMass-Amherst

November 2012:  Rikki Ducornet, Rebecca Brown, and Stacey Levine, Elliott Bay Books, Seattle.

June 2012:  Monica Youn, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Stacey Levine, Unnameable Books, Brooklyn.

May 2012:  Western Washington University, Featured

April 2012:   Amelia Gray and Stacey Levine, University Bookstore, Seattle.

January 2012: Charles Johnson, Stacey Levine, Nicole Hardy, Faire Cafe! Seattle

April 2012: The Girl with Brown Fur book launch party, Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles

2011: Brown University, Featured

2011: University of San Francisco, Featured

Past eras: w/Grace Paley, Andrei Bitov, Marcel Cohen @ Glyptoteket, Copenhagen
w/Karen Finley, COCA, Seattle
w/Lauren Weedman, David Lasky @ Richard Hugo House, Seattle